Hygiene first!

Our company, which was founded in 961 by our Father and Founder Adem AZİZ; It has come to the present day with confident steps and growing. Our company continues its activities in the plastic and paper packaging sector. The most important target for us is; in our trade; to carry out tradition and the future together. With the name of Kağıtçı Azizler ; Our commercial life, which started in Türkiye Ankara Ulus in the retail sector, has now become a national brand. This is our long-term commercial life; under the roof of our companies that continue to operate; By becoming professional especially in the field of packaging with 618 Packaging; we continue on our way. Years of experience; With the trust of our customers and the renewed machine park, we are once again innovating in Ankara TÜRKİYE. We are at the service of our customers with our hygienic and fully automatic machines, especially in the packaging of catering sets. If there is one thing we know; “Success is not a destination, it is a long journey”. Together with our suppliers and customers who walk with us on this journey, we are proud of doing our job with love.