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Hygienic Production

Our products are prepared by going through the necessary cleaning conditions without touching .

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Choose the products you want, and we’ll send them to you as quickly as possible.

Market Confidence

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Catering Set

Our company offers great advantages with catering sets that provide great convenience to both the business and the consumer.

Catering sets are disposable, clean and hygienic packages that are preferred in many different sectors, provide ease of use, and are preferred by businesses that attach importance to their corporate identity due to their advantageous price and advertising content.  Hygiene and cleanliness is a very important issue for every individual. Especially after the epidemic, which has become widespread throughout the world today, people pay great attention to cleanliness and hygiene. The purpose of the catering sets is to be specially prepared, disposable, presented hygienically to the consumer and reassuring, not risking human health, and optionally containing food and cleaning materials.

Catering Sets Production

The catering sets, which are indispensable for the takeaway, are prepared for you, with or without printing, in line with your needs.

What Products Are In The Catering Set?

Plastic catering sets are created by packaging single and packaged forks, knives, spoons, plastic bowls, pp small spoons, dessert spoons, mixers, wet wipes, printed napkins, powder filling products such as salt and pepper.

What Are the Fees for the Catering Set?

Although the catering set fees vary per piece depending on the quantity purchased and product contents, they can also increase or decrease depending on the products they contain and the types of products.

What are the Effects of Plastic Products on Consumer Health?

Plastic packaging products produced in accordance with production standards with certificates approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in plastic food packaging are packaged with the right instructions and delivered to the buyers under appropriate conditions.

What’s Included in the Standard Ready-Printed Catering Set?

Set content standard; Plastic Luxury Fork, Plastic Luxury Knife, Plastic Luxury Spoon, Printed / Unprinted Salt, Printed / Unprinted Napkin, Printed / Unprinted Toothpicks, Wet Wipes, Printed / Unprinted Black Pepper, Spices etc.

Catering Sets

Types of Catering and Meal Sets

Disposable catering sets, which are prepared according to the wishes of each company, are prepared with or without printing. Printed catering sets are the most convenient way to advertise your business. A logo or emblem can be printed on the package content to advertise the name, phone number, social media account of a business. In this way, the consumer can order again or recommend it to those around him or her. Our company offers services according to all your needs and demands.

Standard Catering Sets

The standard catering set includes napkins, toothpicks, wet wipes, forks, spoons and knives. Optionally, salt and spices can be added to the package.

Tea, Coffee Catering Sets 

These sets, which are generally used in travel and invitations, include disposable sugar, mixers, napkins, tea and coffee.

Mevlit Catering Sets

For a funeral, a catering set that includes forks, spoons, toothpicks, napkins and wet wipes and is packaged without printing is preferred. For other mawlids, personalized printed products with the desired content can be prepared.

Personalized Catering Sets

These sets, which are specially prepared for the person and the institution, are prepared by our company in a quality and hygienic way with different printing and packaging options upon request.


In all kinds of organizations and businesses, the food and catering set you want is prepared for you in the desired color, number and content and delivered in the safest and fastest way.

Quick Solutions

Professional And Fast Solutions To All Your Packaging Needs

Practical and clean use of food sets, which are preferred for orders sent by places to addresses, is very advantageous FOR Restaurant, Cafeterias etc. Moreover, you can make your own advertisement by printing your company’s logo and brand on the package, including the products inside.

Hygienic Production

Our products are prepared by going through the necessary cleaning conditions without touching.

Fast Delivery

Shop for fast-delivery products, and we’ll send your purchases as quickly as possible.

Market Confidence

We are preparing Our Products according to Market Reliability

Professional Solutions

Our catering sets offer a high quality prestige for the consumer beyond plastic.

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